Svetlana Biryukov

Scary Russian chick


Svetlana Biryukov grew up youngest in a family with two brothers and a sister. Her father was in military research, and her mother’s job was raising children and keeping a home. At the age of 16, she started getting in trouble with the law. Some say it was her older brothers who were influential in her gaining interest in various resistance groups, some say it was a cry for attention for growing up in a large family.

She travelled in later years, where she eventually met Billy White, former leader of one of the largest (and most controversial) resistance groups, know as “Kestrel,” whose main focus is to disrupt, and destroy Cephalopod bases, and kill Cephalopod en masse. They dated, and Biryukov is seen being wined and dined by White.

Some say that Svetlana used Billy White as a way to secure a life of luxury, but others say that they were actually in love. In the early months of 2160, pictures of Svetlana show her wearing a ring that many are speculating to be a sign of their engagement. However, if an easy life full of pleasures was the goal of Biryukov, she certainly didn’t show it. Insiders within Kestrel say that Billy was not only in love with the woman, but he was training her to pilot for his demolition missions.

Tragedy struck the same year, when White was killed suddenly. It was reported that a missile caused an explosion of his scout ship that was headed into Cephalopod territory. Biryukov is rumoured to have been piloting the craft, but was found in an ejection pod floating in space nearby. The rest of the crew, also perished.

Held in jail for 6 days following the death of Kestrel leader White and crew, Biryukov maintains that “when Billy saw the missile approaching on the screens, he shoved [me] into one of the escape pods.” The case did not reach trial, due to the lack of evidence that could be retrieved from the scout ship. It is unclear to the public, was this a lover’s last ditch effort to protect his soon-to-be wife? Or a cover story for a she-wolf who only cared for herself?

It has been said that Biryukov has since ceased major communication with Kestrel members and affiliates, and seems to be uninterested in her previous endeavours. After her release, she had not often been seen outside of her home ARK ship, neighbours say that she would not be seen leaving her unit for days.

— article by Jean Smith, ARK Daily News

Svetlana Biryukov

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