Timeline Planet Earth


The break-though Ion fusion engine becomes a new standard in renewable energy… and kicks off a new technological revolution.


“Jump” engines allow FTL travel

Soon after, and for reasons not yet understood, psionic activity within human kind becomes more and more common. Some scientists speculate it may be related to the use of the first Jump engine but this is not conclusive.


First generation of mecha are created – once thought to be impractical are now becoming common
place for both civilian and military endeavors.


US and China begin a devastating war. Several “nukes” are fired killing billions of people.


After the collapse of the American and Chinese economies the UN becomes the centre of the world’s government


Even with a new source of clean renewable energy, the damage to Earth ecosystem has been done.

Climate change had reached a critical stage.

It is believed that soon, life on Earth will no longer be sustainable.

Later that year, a massive exodus from Earth is planned with the use of jump engines.


10 years of pooling resources has allowed the creation of massive ARK ships.

These enormous ships can accurately simulate human environments allowing civilian populations to live normally. Even if no life supporting planets are found, life can continue in space.


After 20 years 90% of earths remaining population has left for the stars. Many people are still attached to their home planet and refuse to leave.

The UN government decrees that after 100 years, humans will return to earth for re-settlement, if it can be shown that earth’s environment has healed itself.


By now, several newly discovered planets terra-formed…

However as the Earth territory expands they unwittingly have encroached on the territory of an alien race called the Cephalopods.

The Cephalopods have no interest in negotiation or diplomacy. Their only motivation seems to be war and conquest (see the aliens section for more details)

The war lasts for decades.

Ultimately the Earth itself is occupied by the Cephalopods.

Later in the war the humans learn the Cephalopods are under the control of a less numerous but far more advanced race who call themselves the Tyrahn.

The Tyrahn insist on audio only communication – very little is known about them – least of all what they look like.


A truce is called. But the Tyran/Cephalopods have retained control of Earth. The Cephalopods are no longer actively hostile but retain their power bases. The humans and Cephalopods, now that the fighting has ceased, are currently co-existing on earth, but the peace is an uneasy one… many human resistance groups form.


Rumours abound that the Cephalopods have been using this period of peace to re-arm themselves. Unconfirmed reports of more powerful Cephalopod mecha have been created.


The Terran space fleet is still depleted from the war. But the space-bound Earthlings are concerned as to what has become of their planet of birth.

It is proposed that a ship be dispatched to Earth’s solar system to gather intelligence on the current situation.

On Dec 31 2162 [Earth Relative time] The UNSF Albatross is selected for this mission.


The Present


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