Science Ninja

Originally called the Kagaku Ninja-tai (科学忍者隊), the Science Ninja are a group of young people, highly trained both physically and intellectually, and dedicated to protecting humanity.

Originally conceived of in the mid-to-late 1960s, they were deployed by the International Science Organization (ISO) under the oversight of ISO Director Gregory Andersen by UN directive and were utilized in various hotspots around the world, to infiltrate and destabilize the activities of a terrorist group known as Galactor. When Galactor’s activities were finally, permanently thwarted, the Kagaku Ninja-tai took on other duties, mainly involved in policing and monitoring the activities of military organizations around the world, to prevent the abuse of power by those in trusted positions of government.

The actual identities of the individual Kagaku Ninja were never confirmed, however their public face was represented in the person of their leader, known as Gatchaman, sometimes referred to as the White Shadow.

Since then, the human species has expanded to populate planets all over this quadrant of the galaxy, and the ISO has expanded its field of operations and been renamed once or twice; at this point it is called the Intervessel Science Collective (ISC).

It is no longer feasible for one team of agents to adequately protect all of humanity. For this reason, the Kagaku Ninja-tai, now calling themselves the Science Ninja, under ISC oversight, expanded its recruitment program and now fields agents in multiple jurisdictions. Although individual agents have been sighted frequently, yet they are at their most effective when in groups of five.

The individual groups have identification codes within the structure of their organization, but to the public at large, they are simply the Science Ninja. Each group of five usually contains a chain of command, including a leader, and the leaders themselves are ranked in a chain of command, in the event that they are ever required to perform jointly. The highest ranking leader goes by the name (or title) of Gatchaman, whether male or female; although there is not necessarily a blood connection between this person and the original Gatchaman.

Science Ninja

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