“Hulking” is an informal term used to describe the insidious process employed by the Tyrahn to mentally and physically alter humans.

Exactly how the Hulking process works is not fully understood.

There are two stages of hulkers.

Stage One

Stage one hulkers are at first glance indistinguishable from other humans. To standard medical examinations they appear normal. Earth scientists have determined that a colony of nano machines exist within the person’s circulatory system – with a primary colony located within the person’s cerebral cortex. These nano machines were invisible to all human detection until these same scientists created a scanning device to detect them. The android Digit is currently equipped with a scanning device.

Stage Two

Stage two hulkers are easily recognized because their bodies grow significantly larger and more muscular and their eyes become blood red. Skin pigmentation becomes pale. This is form which inspired the term “hulker”. It is uncertain how much of the original personality of the victim remains. But so far, at least in the case of Corben Anastas, the stage twos are loyal to the Tyrahn.

The transformation from stage one to two, from what we have observed so far, is not a stable process.

Anastas was bulked up significantly, but seems to have stabilized to a slightly smaller (but still muscular) form.

Lt Orson Descartes (another confirmed hulker) after transforming to a stage 2 began to grow out of control into a mecha sized monster until he was killed by Kenda and her group. However his transformation was made even more unstable due to his exposure to the Cytrak plant.


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