It is unknown exactly what these creatures call themselves. The name Cephalopod became the accepted name for this race because they vaguely resembled earth squids.

Very little is known about these creature’s habitat. No Cephalopod planets have been discovered by human forces. Many assumed at first that these creatures lived in aquatic environments but later it was learned that they breathed an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, just as humans do.

Eventually scientists were able to perform autopsies on squid casualties retrieved from battlefields (they are almost impossible to capture alive) and made some interesting discoveries.

  • Their have very simple brains and limited intelligence.
  • They are genderless and posses no sexual organs that human scientists can identify.
  • They are all clones possessing the same basic DNA

Given the complexity of the alien mecha compared to the extremely limited intellect of the pilots suggested that Cephalopod race were being used as unwitting pawns by a more advanced race. This was confirmed when the humans made (audio only) contact with the Tyrahn.

In combat – they Cephalopods are ruthless opponents. They do not retreat. They do not negotiate. They kill who they are ordered to kill.

These advantages however can also be their weakness.

They are slavishly loyal to their Tyrahn masters – will obey any order they are given – to the point of lemming like self destruction. Without guidance from the Tyrahn they are nearly incapable of independent thought.

There are also Cephalopod officers who are more intelligent than the Cephalopod “grunt” soldiers – but only marginally so. They have basic understanding of tactics and can occasionally think outside the box. But are still slavishly loyal to the Tyrahn. They will always defer to the orders given by their Tyrahn overlords.


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