wild-eyed cyborg leader of a group of nomads


Name: Maddox (full name unknown)
Age: 45


No one is quite sure where this brutish-thug came from. But it wasn’t long before he made a name for himself as a freedom fighter, troublemaker and an all around hooligan.

Soon no one outside of his merry band of thugs would associate with him. He made a sport out of antagonizing the squids and often made himself (and his gang) the target of retaliation.

After his daughter Sprite was born, Maddox attempted to settle down in the town of Fairburg. While there he befriended a military officer named McGrudder.

Soon Maddox’s restless nature took over and before long he started becoming a public nuisance to the people of Fariburg and left on his own accord (McGrudder would claim that he kicked Maddox and his goons out).

Maddox returned to his nomadic roots and has resumed harassing and stealing from the squids.

Maddox isn’t really a bad person.. he’s just thick-headed, suicidally-stubborn and well, let’s face it, not particularly smart. But he has no shortage of courage and tenacity. He also has a strong sense of personal honour.


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